A Double Wedding

Best friends might decide to combine their wedding days, or twins could be sharing their special event as yet another facet of their lives. A double wedding is often a time when two couples find they have enough in common to share their special day, and it can turn into an even better time once the reception begins. Being able to book every professional they want will be easier if they are sharing the costs, and their different ideas might combine to make their wedding day even more memorable for them and the guests they have invited to attend.

The Ceremony

Friends and siblings generally attend the same church when they are growing up, so it could be quite easy for both couples to choose a church. Many of those officiating at wedding ceremonies are willing to work with their parishioners when it comes to getting married, so being able to perform two ceremonies instead of one should pose no problems at all. The couples might have to flip a coin to decide which one gets married first, but it can still be a happy time for everyone involved as each bride walks down the aisle to the beautiful music of their wedding violinist Manchester.

Inviting Guests

Whether they are siblings or best friends, most people growing up together know the same people. Inviting the guests should not be particularly difficult as they will generally agree on most of them. There might be a few people each couple will invite on their own, but getting their lists together should be relatively easy for those who are friends or relatives. The difficulty could be in paring down the lists of their future spouses, but the ability to host a larger gathering might help because two couples are footing the bill instead of just one. Working out the seating arrangements will be another challenge, but their abilities due to friendship or family will be helpful.

Booking Entertainment

Every couple has their own idea of what will work well for their reception, and even twins could find they do not necessarily agree. One couple might want a big band to get their guests up on the dance floor, but the other might feel less is more. They might feel a talented electric violinist Manchester like Lauren will fulfil all their needs when it comes to entertainment for the guests. She is willing to work with couples to help them make their dreams come true, and working with other musicians is part of what she can offer couples lucky enough to be combining their wedding days.

Getting married on the same day as a best friend, twin or sibling can make an ordinary wedding day into a festival of fun. For those who have found they are ready to get married, planning a wedding for two couples can have advantages. They might be able to have a larger wedding than originally planned, and they could even extend that to the entertainment they offer. Being able to have a double ceremony at the church should be easy enough as happy events like weddings are a time when religious officials are often willing to do whatever it takes to help them begin their life together.