Colors of the Wedding

White is the expected colour of the bride’s dress, but the colours of the wedding are expressed in many different ways throughout the day. The groom’s outfit might be white, or black could be the choice the couple believes looks best. The attendants of the bride will often be dressed in gowns she has chosen, and their colour will be a reflection of what she wants on her wedding day. The flowers she carried will reflect their choices, and even the wedding cake might have colourful decorations. Weddings today are often themed, and those can play into the colour scheme.

Weddings throughout the Year

While the beginning of summer is still a popular time to get married, weddings through the year are now becoming more popular. Brides and grooms often choose a time that is special to them, and it might be in the blazing glory of autumn. The colours then could be bright oranges, yellows and reds to match with the season. Her bouquet could reflect the season with an array of flowers the florist has recommended, and even the boutonnieres could be something other than the usual roses or carnations. The time of year the couple selects can give them a unique selection of flowers.

A Winter Wedding

It might appear that the snowiness of the season would foretell a wedding all in white, but a winter gathering will be one of many different colors. Wine red or purpose blossoms could be the perfect wedding flowers Harrogate for a bouquet, and HJF is an experienced florist Harrogate where the couple will be able to make the perfect selection. They could find the range of available flowers is a lot less limited than they imagined, and being able to bring the colour they want into their outfits might be easier than imagined. Knowing what is available is part of the experience a good company brings, and being able to help narrow the choices is what a professional does best.

The Colour of Spring

Couples getting married in that short span of time between winter and summer have often found they are inspired by the new growth surrounding them. The chills and bleakness of winter have left the area, but the full blooms of summer are not yet apparent. Finding the right colours for their wedding could begin with the choice of a theme, but they might also find they have more choice when they begin the hunt for the perfect bouquet and alter flowers. Spring has plenty of blossoms available for a wedding party, and they can fit into almost any theme.

Choosing the colours of the wedding is often up to the bride, but grooms today often add their own choices. The couple will find their wedding at any time of the year can be special, and there are plenty of ways to blend their selections into a beautiful panorama for guests to enjoy. While they are choosing their theme and colours, looking at the flowers they will have decorating the church and their wedding party outfits will help them narrow it down to something suitable for everyone attending.