Different Wedding Plans

Many times the bride has her special plans for her wedding, but grooms today have their own ideas. Rather than sitting back and letting the bride make all the decisions, they are in the thick of the planning to ensure their own dreams come true on their special day. Compromise can be an important ingredient when the bride and groom have different wedding plans in mind, but it can all work out if they are willing to give a little to get what they want. Many of their ideas might be similar, or they could have to span giant gaps before they can agree on the perfect way to organize their event.

The Location

It is traditional for couples to get married where the bride grew up and has most of her family, but modern grooms could have the same desire. The couple could argue endless about the location, or they could choose a spot halfway between. Everyone will have to travel further, but it could be the only compromise they can both live with as they plan their day. For those who have both moved far from home, choosing the area where they now live might be the best compromise they can make as a couple.

The Wedding Cake

A staple of many wedding days, a lovely tiered confection is often an important part of any wedding. Most wedding cakes are created to fulfill the dreams of the bride, but modern bakers have found there is a big market for groom cakes. Some of them are for the bachelor party, but others have their own space at the wedding reception. It might be a taste difference between the two, or the groom’s family could decide it is a special way to celebrate their own family member getting married. It matters little where the decision to procure one came from as long as the couple is happy with it.

Musical Differences

The groom could have a very different outlook on the entertainment for the reception, and he might even want a wedding saxophonist to play as he awaits his beautiful bride. Musical differences between two people are nothing new, but they can be bridged easily enough. Hiring a saxophone player and DJ for the reception could make both of them happy as their guests get up on the dance floor to enjoy the music. It is a party to be enjoyed, and the guests will appreciate the efforts the couple has made to ensure everyone has a great time as they celebrate the newest member to join their family.

Compromise is important in any relationship, and it can be a big part of planning the wedding. Both the bride and groom should be able to add their own elements to make the day special, so modern grooms now can have some of their own selections. While they might not quite fit into the plans the bride has made since childhood, they can still be added to make the day one where two people in love can begin living their future life as a couple.