The Wedding Party

One of the ways brides and grooms share their special day is by inviting friends and family to be members of the wedding party. Friends of many years are often selected to be the maid of honour or the best man, but there are bridesmaids and ushers who are often a mix of family and friends. Getting them all outfitted for the special day can be a fun way to share, but it is not always easy. Selecting colours and styles that fit everyone can become a rocky road for the couple, but there are compensations that make it a fun time for all.

Dressing the Men

Suits or tuxedos are often chosen for the groom, best man, and even the ushers. They will be dressed in colours that match the general theme of the wedding, and it can include their entire outfit or just their shirts. It is often the bride choosing the colours, but her decision might be made with keeping her future husband’s friends happy. Some brides choose a black or white suit, and then they select a shirt colour that will blend with the dress colours their female attendants will be wearing.

Dresses for the Women

The bride is usually dressed in a white wedding gown, but the colours of the dresses her attendants will wear are often based on the colours the couple has chosen for their wedding. It can be a difficult path to trod as style can become an issue, and the bride must ensure all her attendants will look good in what she has selected. She might have a few dissenters when it comes to a dress unsuitable for any other gathering, or her friends and family members in the wedding party might not like the colour of their clothing. It takes a great deal of planning to outfit people of all sizes, shapes, and skin tones, but it can be done if the bride has an open mind.

Looking Wonderful

Every couple wants their wedding day to be fabulous, and they should strive to make sure their attendants are looking wonderful too. For the men, choosing reasonable colours for their outfits can do the trick. The women might benefit from having their hair professionally styled, and using a makeup artist Manchester can be a treat for all the women in the wedding party. Getting them into one room with a hair stylist and a wedding makeup artist Manchester such as Rachael can ramp up their excitement for this special day while sharing good memories as a group.

Planning the perfect wedding is not always the easiest road for a couple, and it is important for them to remember their choices will affect others. Selecting styles and colours that fit their friends and relatives in the wedding party shows they care about others, and it can make the experience more fun for all of them if everyone is happy with their clothing. Ensuring no one feels silly in their outfit might seem ridiculous, but sharing great memories of their important day will add to the happiness and excitement of all the participants.